Does your dog give you the puppy dog eyes when you leave the house? Why not take them with you! Manchester has plenty of dog friendly spots to hang out with your four-legged pals. No more dog parent guilt, bring them along for a lovely day out on the town. Here are some places we have picked out for you to try with your pooch.

House of Esk

House of Esk, 6 New Union St, M4 6FQ.

In a stunning marina location, this coffee house are going the extra mile by serving doggy ice-cream pots so you can enjoy a sweet treat, while your fur baby does too!


Photo by Rambo the French Bulldog

Feel Good Club

26-28 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EH

A well-being themed coffee house, full of positive messages and mental health first aid trained staff, also caters for pets with a dog safe ‘puppuchino’ ready upon request. A one of a kind feel-good spot.


Photo by Feel Good Club


Rudy’s, 9 Cotton St, Ancoats, M4 5BF | Petersfield House, Peter St, M2 5QJ.

A household name in the world of Manchester pizza. If you’re living in Manchester and are yet to sample a Rudy’s pizza, then what have you been doing? Funnily enough it’s actually named after the founder’s dog, so they couldn’t not let the rest of his kind dine in.


Photo by Rudy's Pizza

Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor, 1 Eagle St, M4 5BU.

Located in Northern Quarter, this cosy food hall boasts a range of street food vendors with communal seating. They have stated that as long as your furry friends are ‘well behaved and keeps his or her poochy paws on the floors, then they’re as welcome as anyone else’. So maybe just give your dog a heads up of the rules beforehand, I’m sure they will understand.


Photo by Mackie Mayor

Dog Bowl

Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW

The name does not deceive you. Yes, Dog Bowl actually permits dogs, as long as they don’t chase the bowling balls down the lanes that is.


Photo by Dog Bowl


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