In need of inspiration for some Easter bank holiday baking? You Are Home have taken the time to collate the best recipes to help fill your weekend with festive fun. Whether you are in search of a family friendly activity or just a big kid after a creative challenge, these tasty goodies will blow the humble Easter Egg out the water.

creme egg brownies.png

First on the list to try is this batch of Crème Egg Brownies. The Crème Egg is an Easter must have, so why not break a few eggs and drizzle the gooey centre on top, or even include them into the mixture. This recipe by Jane’s Patisserie caught our attention:


Another seasonal favourite is the speckled pastel treat that is a Mini Egg. Although these can be eaten all year round, they are an easy way to add an extra Easter umph to your cupcakes. Up for a challenge? Take it a step further and decorate with a little nest – learn how by following this recipe we found:


Now for a bit of tradition in honour of Good Friday, try your hand at baking some Hot Cross Buns. Who better to get tips from than Mary Berry herself using this recipe:


For the ultimate Easter treat, Baileys provide a ‘how to guide’ for a “Spring Shakedown”. 18 and above only, this boozy Baileys filled shake is served within a hollow Easter Egg and topped with your choice of edible garnishes. This is a chance to get your creative juices flowing and it definitely has the wow factor. See the Bailey’s website for inspiration:


The final recipe we will share with you today is a cocktail with a twist. Grab a hollow Bunny from the Easter aisle of your local supermarket and feel festive sipping on this caffeine cocktail suggested by Gordan Ramsey:

Try one or attempt them all, get creative in the kitchen this bank holiday weekend! From all of us here at You Are Home, we hope you have a happy Easter.



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