This week we sat down, via Zoom, to get to know our new team member Emma McGahan. Emma has just joined You Are Home as Associate Director of Sales.


Hello Emma, so let’s start out by asking you where your story started, before you joined us here at You Are Home?

“Hiya! So, initially I began my journey into hospitality at Marriott hotels in Manchester.  I was there as a graduate, and then from there I went onto Lowry hotel when it was still Rocco Forte. I was the corporate and leisure Sales Manager there until I was presented with the opportunity to go to London for Ace Hotels. I went to Ace and worked there as a Sales Manager and then got promoted to Senior Sales Manager and my role there involved me traveling internationally, so I got to represent the hotels on a global level and dealt with some of the leading brands in the world. And now I’m back in Manchester!”

Back where you belong! Are you originally from Manchester?

 “I am from Manchester yes.”

What is it that sparked your interest in a career in serviced apartments?

 “I think it is the way forward, pre-COVID. What a serviced apartment can offer you, as  opposed to a hotel is more appealing. You get  the luxury feeling of home from home and more space you can really sprawl out!”

I definitely agree. What is it about You Are Home that appealed to you the most?

“It is because what You Are Home are doing – no one else is doing in Manchester. It is unique and bespoke, the apartments are premium level. I think it’s the fact that you can offer a business traveller the option that they know when they come and stay with you, on that floor that they with 100% be with like-minded people. You are not able to do when working with Aparthotels and Hotels. That is one of the challenges that you do sometimes have. In that respect it is very appealing to that type of traveller. I also love the communal areas, because that is super important – the private cinema room and the football pitch. My clients will love that.”

I like the sense of community that our apartments offer, that definitely is one of the main appeals of You Are Home.


So, a bit about you what is your biggest passion, when you’re not working what do you like to get up to?

“I actually quite like my Hot Yoga, I’m quite into it. I find that mentally really good and for your wellbeing. And now that I’ve got my little puppy, (I should mention here that Emma has the most gorgeous puppy called Snoopy sitting on her lap throughout this interview) We have been on some walks. When he is bigger I will bring him in, as the buildings are dog friendly. It is so nice that if people are away from home that they can bring their dogs with them.

 Yes please! There are so many adorable dogs around our buildings – it makes my day. I am so jealous you have a dog to go and walk – I will be offering my puppysitting duties when we are out of lockdown!

“It helps you get out and walk to reach your 10,000 steps!”

If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

“Loyal, passionate and fun!”

What are you most looking forward to about working with You Are Home?

“Being able to bring my knowledge and do what I can to help it expand. It is a very exciting time for You Are home, expanding into different cities soon. With my contact base and who I have worked with globally I feel there is a massive opportunity there. I want to shout about it because it’s such an amazing product. Let’s get Manchester on that map!”

I love your enthusiasm! Finally, are you excited to participate in YAH’s weekly games and challenges and our monthly Zoom events?

“Ooooo – 110%!”

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule as our new Associate Director of Sales to chat with me and answer my questions . Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully seen you soon!

“Yeah, see you soon thank you. Have a good day!”

You too!




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