New Years Eve cancelled?

Of course not, come on everyone we are used to not going out by now! However, if you are in need of some quarantine New Year’s ideas, we’ve got you sorted. Whether you live in Manchester here with us, or anywhere else in the country, here is our guide to a New Year’s Eve staying in party (with an around the world twist).

Won’t it feel so sweet to say goodbye to 2020, so let’s do it multiple times. This year we will celebrate each hour in honour of the clock turning 12am in different countries across the globe.

This night can take place with members of your household, or you can get others involved via video chat! It is a very special occasion so, make it feel that way by putting away the lockdown loungewear and using the excuse to get all dressed up. Make sure there is plenty of food and drink to get you into the party spirit, if you are in need of some New Years Eve food and drink inspiration see this fun and festive selection-

Now you are ready to begin the countdown- party streamers at the ready please. We have your big night in all planned out, with New Year’s games and activities at every hour. So, let’s get started…


·       7pm

To kick off our evening, here’s to a year that’s not quite gone to plan, let’s raise a glass and say a toast as its just turned 12 in Pakistan!

Toast time, each person gets a turn to reflect on the year and say what they are grateful for.


·       8pm

We all have goals for 2021- they are setting them right now in Dubai, so join them by playing a little game of 2 resolutions and a lie.

To play the game of 2 resolutions and a lie, each person must think of 2 genuine resolutions and a made-up resolution that doesn’t apply to them, everyone else has to guess the lie.


·       9pm

It has just turned 12… if you are Russian, time to guess that 2020 song with a bit of your best improvised percussion.

Pick your favourite song of the year and try to recreate the beat with only objects around you, can everyone guess what it is?


·       10pm

2020 was a controversial year full of iconic moments that made us cringe and crease, now it is time to recreate them while they bring in the New Year in Greece.

Think of an iconic moment that happened in 2020, this could be nationwide or something personal to you either way get creative with your charade and make everyone have a guess.


·       11pm

It is getting close just 1 hour to go and it’s right now for so many, to name a few France, Italy, Spain and Germany. So, whilst it is the turn of our European neighbours, let’s mix it up with a game of guess the flavours.

For this you need 2 edible items that look similar, this can be food or drink. For example, water and Vodka, or sugar and salt. The aim of the game is to drink/eat the nice or gross item at random and let everyone guess which one you got. How good is your bluff?


·       Midnight - UK

Happy New Year, it’s 12am our time, pop your streamers and sing Auld Langs Syne!

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