Here at You Are Home we recognise that it is our responsibility as a business, providing Serviced Apartments, and as a set of individuals, to reduce our carbon footprint, and do what we can to bend the curve of climate change.

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We are constantly evolving as a company, reviewing our environmental impact, sustainability, and social responsibility. Taking steps both large and small, we are on a journey to become a sustainable home from home. Through such training as the Albert Sustainable Production Certification, we are expanding our knowledge and learning how minimise to our impact on the environment - striving towards becoming carbon neutral.


Our Commitments:

  • Our aim is to become a carbon neutral business by 2023 – As a young company, just two years old, we are still learning about our carbon footprint. Through company growth and research, we will continue the refinement of our processes to counteract our environmental impacts and reach our goal of being a carbon neutral business.


  • Progress with environmental initiatives and training at all levels – Environmental issues are at the heart of everything we do so feedback from the team is important. We also review and refresh our training on a regular basis so that environmental impact is in the forefront of everyone’s minds.


  • To continue to work with buildings where looking after the environment is a key goal, as well as green energy suppliers –  We work with likeminded buildings who want to make changes and be the best. As an example, one of our buildings uses smart green focussed technology, which digitally controls energy consumption.


  • Keep emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollution through staff travel as low as possible whether that be using private or public transport – We base team members at buildings with consideration to their home address to promote walking or cycling to work and minimise commuting time.


  • Focus on long term guest stays – By focussing our sales on longer term stays we reduce the use of water, power and cleaning products which go out into the environment. Apartment cleaning takes places on a weekly basis meaning we use less when it comes to our cleaning and linen than if there were multiple stays within a week.


  • Prevent unnecessary energy usage within apartments – Between guest stays our staff ensure all power is switched off at the source avoiding unnecessary energy usage. On top of this, our flagship building features smart green technology which automatically switches off water and energy within unused apartments.


  • Reduce the amount of paper used by the business – Where possible printing is avoided in favour of online services and billing, but where paper is needed it is recycled within our buildings or our office location.


  • Using environmentally friendly products for cleaning and guest supplies – We purchase cleaning supplies from eco product ranges as well as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance providers for our starter food stock. We also purchase locally produced stock where possible.


  • Using local businesses with good ethical commitments – We have selected all of our suppliers based on their environmental commitments. CLEAN, our linen supplier has gained recognition for high standards of environmental management and their commitment to ongoing environmental responsibility.  We purchase the majority of our apartment furnishings through David Phillips, a supplier committed to reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, our guest welcome packs are sourced from a Manchester based company, The Zoom Box, which supplies us with locally sourced products, displayed in recycled packaging.


  • To ensure that as much as possible is recycled within apartments and promote recycling with guests – Recycling is collected from apartments weekly with staff trained to identify recyclables. Apartment information documents also inform guests on the location of the building recycling facilities. As well as this, we encourage sustainable living behaviours, for example providing our long-term guests with a reusable coffee cup.


  • To ensure food and property left by guests find new homes – Any non-perishable and unopened items are collected and donated to a local food bank. As well as this, we have a ‘one man’s trash is another person’s treasure’ motto and donate any unwanted items left behind to a local charity.


  • To ensure the proper disposal of used batteries and electrical products to avoid pollution and ensure reuse of materials – Old batteries are collected and dropped at local recycling points and electricals are disposed of in line with WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment.)


  • Using energy saving lighting – Any bulbs used are LED due to their efficiency.


As we work towards our goal of ‘carbon neutral by 2023’, we promise to continuously review our procedures and look for ways to improve in order to be the best sustainable Serviced Apartment provider we can be.

To make a stay enquiry get in contact with our guest services team, we would love to hear from you:


Or if you have any suggestions to help us go greener, please get in contact with our Environmental Officer:


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